Bastogne und Katz mittatilauskengät


Leather is a beautiful natural material and is ideal for footwear. It flexes, breathes, insulates and protects.

Skilfully and gently tanned leathers that have retained these characteristics during the tanning process are extremely valuable and rare. Mysterious vegetable-tanned top skins, Eichenloh-Grubengerber oak-tanned bottom skins, cod liver oil-tanned top skins.

Guild master and expert Jussi Paljakka(Paljakka Handmade) helps us to find leathers around the world that meet our and our customers’ quality requirements.

We buy our uppers unfinished and only finish them after they have been stitched to the customer’s specifications. The careful selection of the leather and its informed and experienced handling guarantee the durability, appearance and comfort of the shoes we make.

Juha Paljakka