Mittajalkineet Bastogne und Katz Schuhmacher


The last is the core and foundation of the footwear. It defines form, fit, style and functionality in use. It is a stylised form of the foot around which the shoemaker builds the shoe.

The making of the last is a special craft and its secrets began to disappear with industrialisation.
In order to fit as many different legs into the same mould as possible, factories had to make a lot of compromises in terms of fit and functionality.

We do not compromise. Each foot is unique. We always provide our customers with their own custom-made shoes, professionally designed with respect to the anatomy of the feet and the style of the customer.
The feeling of the fitted shoe is amazing the first time you experience it.

Nicolai Budenberg Bastogne und Katz

Each client’s foot requires its own style: a steeply rising Italian foot, a muscular British arch, a long-legged Budapest last… The lasts I make are an interpretation of the foot in classic lines. I first carve my lasts to the customer’s measurements for a perfect fit. Then I start to approach individual anatomy.

It is only when the features of the customer’s own foot are incorporated when our lasts take on their extraordinary beauty. This makes it possible to produce a shoe that does not feel on the foot and does not distort in use. We proudly call it Clean Fit.

Nicolai BudenbergSchuhmachermeister, toimitusjohtaja Bastogne & Katz
Bastogne und Katz lesti
Bastogne und Katz lesti
Bastogne und Katz lesti