Bastogne und Katz mittatilauskengät

At your service

Bastogne & Katz’s measuring shoes are uniquely Finnish handcrafted and the products are made by the best makers in Finland, Mittasuutareiden Kilta. Each step is carried out by a specialist craftsman.

Every pair that leaves our hands is made from the finest materials, respecting the golden age of classic footwear craftsmanship. They are professionally crafted masterpieces for discerning customers who appreciate elegance, tradition and quality.

“If you want to forget all your
other troubles, wear too tight shoes”

Mark Twain

When I was still an apprentice my master Sašza Weinberg asked the client just: “What kind of suit, what kind of occasion?” Then he looked at the client’s legs, took his measurements and went to the workshop to get the right model for the occasion and the right shade of leather for the suit and said: “This is what we do!” He also said, “German feet but you want Italian shoes?” Times have changed, but I still see it as my job to help the client choose a model to get the shoes. The shoes that are just right for him. I do it more tactfully, of course.

“Always build lightly – don’t hide behind decorations! The leg is beautiful in itself, and the carefully chosen clip, together with the skilfully made bespoke shoe, shows it off in the same way as the finest suit.”

This was my old master’s advice when I started making bespoke shoes under his watchful eye in Berlin, almost thirty years ago. These are the principles on which I continue to measure.

Nicolai Budenberg

Master shoemaker, Managing Director Bastogne & Katz

I love shapes and lines. That’s why being a model maker is rewarding and even meditative work for me. When I get the client’s stamps in my hands, the shapes start to tell a story and the lines of the chosen design are drawn on the stamps as if by themselves. Footwear must be designed with the client’s wishes in mind, but also respecting the unique frame of reference set by the individual.

Working with orthopaedic footwear, I encountered many clients who were ashamed of their feet, hoping that I could make the misalignments or deformities disappear. But I think there is beauty in all forms, and you just have to bring it out. The result is harmonious and natural. I’ll design the shoes that are just right for you. Shoes that tell your story.

The pen takes its time to draw, refining and correcting each line over and over again. Eventually, when the eye just rests on the lines of the lest, I know this is it. This is what it will be.

Bastogne & Katz shoes have a unique personal beauty.

Päivi Parviainen

Cobbler, master craftsman Bastogne & Katz

As a shoemaker, I specialise in shoe finishing and leather care. Dyeing, patinating and polishing the leather using traditional methods gives Bastogne & Katz shoes their unique depth and dimension.

The subtle natural patina work and the rare, long-forgotten mirror finish add dignity and charisma to the footwear. Shoes take on a personality that, with good care, will last for years and delight the wearer day after day.

Tomi Järvenpää
Cobbler, guild master