Bastogne und Katz

Three steps

After contact we usually meet our clients three times.

At the first meeting we take the measurements and agree on the placket, design and materials. Based on the agreed information, we can provide the customer with an accurate cost estimate. We also offer installment payment.

At the second meeting, the clip is already customized and we test the fit with a “glass shoe”, a transparent foil shoe.

At the third meeting, the client will receive their own design as a test shoe made of the desired materials. Usually a half-hour “test drive” is enough to make sure the fit and the lines of the model work.

We then make the final shoes.

Precise and experienced craftsmanship is the secret behind the perfect fit of Bastogne & Katz shoes.

Päivi Parviainen mallimestari ja suutari
Nicolai Budenberg Bastogne und Katz