Mittatilauskengät Bastogne & Katz

Measuring shoes

The measuring shoe is a valuable personal item of clothing. It can take more than a hundred man-hours to make, and the measuring, design process and fittings require patience on the part of the customer. The end result will be a footwear without equal. It’s not numb on the foot and the step is light.

The measuring shoe keeps your feet dry and dries itself in a couple of hours. The shoe is lightweight, yet designed for heavy use. A classic workhorse for the presentable man who travels light; a trusted friend on occasion with a suit or the perfect everyday shoe for the smartly dressed.

Bastogne & Katz bespoke shoes are an investment in a better quality of life, comfort and style.

Our shoes are lightweight, breathable and highly durable. The shoes are made using traditional construction techniques that the industry has been forced to abandon for decades. This way, the shoes retain their shape for years and the footwear’s structure allows for breathability and a comfortable wearing experience, such as current footwear does not provide.

The design and lines are authentic, clear and elegant. The Lestie is based on the perfect individual anatomical shape combined with traditional classic shoe design. We take the finest classics and put a whole new spin on them.

The shades of the headpieces subtly reflect the wearer’s clothing, complementing style and emphasising elegance. The quality and nature of the materials are carefully chosen. The best genuine leathers are finished using traditional classic methods, and the same philosophy applies to all the components that go into the shoe.

With the model and the cutting lines, the uniqueness of the feet and the personality of the person is naturally expressed. We design our customers’ measuring shoes to suit every style and occasion. Through custom-made footwear, the shoes become part of the wearer’s natural essence and they stand out.


The last is the core and foundation of the footwear. It defines form, fit, style and functionality in use. it is the stylised shape of the foot around which the shoemaker builds the shoe.


The careful selection of the leather and its informed and experienced handling guarantee the durability, appearance and comfort of the shoes we make.